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Pioneering proton beam therapy for 10-year-old girl

22 Jun

Amelia Brome from Lancashire was diagnosed with cancer in January 2017.

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Cancer fraudster ordered to pay back £1 after £15,000 deception

20 Jun

Kelsey Whitehead duped her employer into giving her more than £14,000 for her terminal cancer.

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Cardiff scientist to ‘train’ virus to fight ovarian cancer

19 Jun

A scientist will explore whether a virus which infects the airways can fight ovarian cancer.

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Prostate cancer blood test ‘helps target treatment’

19 Jun

By detecting cancer DNA in blood, the test can identify which men will benefit from precision drugs.

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‘Monumental U-turn’ on cancer drug

15 Jun

Breast cancer drug Kadcyla should now become routine treatment in the UK.

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Drug that creates a ‘real sun-tan’ could prevent cancer

13 Jun

The drug mimics sunlight to make the skin produce the brown form of the pigment melanin.

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GP’s call to ‘equally protect’ boys with HPV vaccine

7 Jun

Dr Kirsty Bonney says she wants to see boys ‘equally protected’ against cancers caused by HPV.

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