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New hope for disabled man’s cancer battle

16 Dec

Ian Shaw was sent home to die, but a doctor queried that decision after seeing his story on the BBC.

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Disabled man’s cancer care criticised

15 Dec

The family of disabled man Ian Shaw were told he was dying – now he is responding well to cancer treatment.

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Joe Biden comforts John McCain’s daughter over cancer

14 Dec

The ex-VP offers words of advice on the senator’s cancer during an emotional TV talk show encounter.

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Myles Bradbury: Victim ‘destroyed’ by Addenbrooke’s abuse doctor

13 Dec

The blood cancer specialist used a spy pen to take pictures of his victims and was jailed for 22 years.

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Man searching for people with his rare cancer

12 Dec

Kevin O’Neill is one of 15 people in the world with malignant myopericytoma – and he wants to trace the others.

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Dying mother starts petition to lower age of breast screening

8 Dec

A mother dying from breast cancer has set up a campaign to expand a screening programme.

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Portsmouth hospital missed lung cancer cases

1 Dec

A national review is taking place after the failings were uncovered by the health watchdog.

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