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Heart disease symptoms: Why BAD BREATH could be an early sign of the deadly condition

9 Jul

HEART disease is Britain’s biggest killer, and sleepless nights and living near a busy road are just some of the factors known to up your risk.

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What are tonsil stones? THIS natural cure could get rid of problem – and bad breath

3 Jun

TONSIL stones are hard deposits which can form on the the tonsils, in the back of the throat. The formations are sometimes called tonsilloliths.

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Dandruff problems? THIS could be the unlikely cure to your dry, itchy skin

21 Apr

DANDRUFF, cracked lips, and bad breath, are all common and unpleasant problems – but there’s a simple, low-cost way to ensure you don’t suffer.

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Do YOU suffer from bad breath? It could be because of THIS

7 Sep

SOME BRUSH their teeth after every meal, others carry mints around and many avoid onions all together.

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Bored of bad breath? Woman who suffered for FIFTEEN years turns to This Morning for advice

25 Aug

A WOMAN who said she has suffered from bad breath for fifteen years has sought a second opinion from doctors on ITV’s This Morning.

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Dr Rosemary: The best ways to beat bad breath

8 Aug

Dr Rosemary Getting to the Heart of medical matters.

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