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How to get rid of bad breath: Seven ways to eradicate the smell

16 Jun

BAD breath is a problem many of us have experienced once. However, we often don’t notice until other people start leaning away from us. Try these seven tips to eradicate your bad breath.

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How to get rid of bad breath: Sip more of this hot drink for an alternative to mouthwash

17 Apr

BAD BREATH can be embarrassing as well as a sign of poor hygiene. Brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue are the first steps to curing your odour, but an expert in nutritionist recommends sipping on a particular drink to get rid of the bad smell in your mouth.

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Mouth infection warning – why you should never ignore dry mouth

19 Jan

DRY MOUTH symptoms include bad breath, dry lips and a soreness inside the mouth. Recurrent mouth infections and gum disease could come as a result of ignoring dry mouth.

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Bad breath fear haunts 21 million Britons as only 48 per cent brush teeth twice a day

5 Jan

LESS than half of Britons brush their teeth twice a day as recommended by dental experts, according to a new report.

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Diabetes warning: Using THIS unlikely product everyday could increase risk of type 2

23 Nov

DIABETES is on the rise, and using mouthwash too often to combat bad breath could be to blame, say scientists.

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Bad breath warning: These FIVE hidden health problems could be REVEALED by foul smell

22 Nov

BAD BREATH is unpleasant, but it could also be a sign of an underlying health condition, such as kidney disease or cirrhosis, says an expert.

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How to get rid of BAD BREATH: These foods could cause bad oral hygiene

16 Nov

BAD breath affects about half of all adults. But, it could be prevented by steering clear of certain foods, including cheese, cabbage and brussels sprouts, according to dentist Dr Harold Katz.

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