HPV jab should be given to boys, committee says

18 Jul

A jab that protects against cervical cancer should also be given to boys, a government committee says.

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Scientist debunks health hoaxes with viral parody video

17 Jul

Jonathan Jarry’s video about a fake cancer-curing moss has been viewed over nine million times.

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Bowel cancer screening could shed light on other conditions

17 Jul

Researchers find bowel cancer screening can indicate whether people are at risk of other problems.

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Johnson & Johnson to pay $4.7bn damages in talc cancer case

13 Jul

It is the largest payout over allegations that Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based products cause cancer.

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TOWIE star: ‘I bought cannabis oil for my friend’

11 Jul

Former TOWIE star Danielle Armstrong says she bought cannabis oil for her friend who was dying from breast cancer.

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Womb cancer: ‘I could have suffered less with earlier diagnosis’

7 Jul

It is the fourth most common cancer in UK women but few know the symptoms to look out for.

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Drug gets body cells to ‘eat and destroy’ cancer

3 Jul

Studies show it works in mice, helping to gobble up large, aggressive breast and skin tumours.

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